First fortnight

falklands-keynote-jpeg-001 falklands-keynote-jpeg-002Where to start?
50 hours passed from my leaving home and arriving in the Falkland Islands to find a house strewn with open and unopened boxes.

Two weeks on, the contents and I have a new home in the most beautiful part of the world.

Sewing and quilting are great icebreakers and I’ve already met the quilting queen of the South who does the most amazing pieces. I’ve not yet made it to the spinners and weavers portakabin!

Living so far south and in such an isolated spot brings with it many challenges I hadn’t anticipated such as a lack of coat hangars. Our shipment of Ikea curtains for the rooms cant easily be sent back (they are double the required length) so we have to alter each one which is a painstaking task. I am helped by a wonderful Chilean woman who has made the task more of a competition and definitely more fun.

Cellphone registrations to be made, new accounts to be set up. Its a cash economy in most shops so I’ve had to open a new bank account. All of this is so much easier and quicker than in the UK.

Most importantly I’ve made time to visit the local penguin colony and love to how each day they are preparing themselves for winter. I am starting to look forward to September when they will return or awake from hibernation. The weather is variable and I am glad that I made the penguins a priority over everything else.

I miss all my friends and hope that they can share in this beautiful adventure by following my posts.

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