Travelling in the Falkland Islands couldn’t be easier. You book a flight and go to any of the islands you choose. You may need to transit back through Stanley but only to refuel  (about 20 minutes). FIGAS offers a truly awesome service to all parts of the Falklands. I met 4 of the pilots. They are highly skilled, young and really engaged in their work. One guy mentioned that he never had a dull day. He didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about the wildlife and why people would pay so much to visit the islands. I guess thats how you feel when you’ve grown up with such beauty on your doorstep.  The flying is difficult here with excessively high wind speeds, changeable and sometimes unpredictable weather but they hardly ever cancel a flight. I was really inspired by this group of talented professionals. I enjoyed every flight and was lucky enough to see a pod of Orcas on my way into land at Carcass Island. Feeling very lucky here in the Falkland Islands. I’ve seen better wildlife and closer here than anywhere in the world.

BTW, any land outside of Stanley or Mount Pleasant is considered to be  Camp.


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