St Patricks Day?

My first trip to the Falklands is coming to a close and I will return to London tomorrow. I love the islands and the people but I’m facing the reality that isolation is a potential problem here. Everyone is employed or retired. I’ve met some amazing people and I hope will be able to create lasting friendships but the reality is that people here are just as busy as in the UK only there are fewer places for us to socialise.

Isolation is always a problem to islands such as these. I noticed that the Samaritans in the UK support the islands and the phone line is sponsored by a local company. On the base people now have their own rooms but it seems that’s created greater isolation for some. I guess its sometimes easier to feel lonely in a crowd and for that isolation to be ignored. The base here are very aware of it and provide an array of activities to help people.

Unemployment stands at 21 people so I thought about applying for a full work permit and getting a job locally but having spent time reflecting, I don’t think thats the right route for me.

My trips back to London will be an important lifeline and I am delighted that a few of my friends have already made plans to meet. With two theatre trips and a revisit of the Hockney at TATE Britain already in the diary I’m feeling excited and looking forward to seeing these wonderful people.

I am sad to leave the islands before the end of the season as I would really like to go back to Carcass at least once but I am looking forward to seeing London in Spring. Checking out my garden and noticing the beauty of the shrubs and flowers that will no doubt be starting to blossom and catching up with some amazing people.

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