The curtain project

Week two of my trip to the Falkland Islands was mostly about fixing curtains for 30 rooms. My husband thought it would be an easy project for me and would keep me amused and engaged. He was right about the second part of that but it wasn’t easy.

The curtains were 3 metres long but we only needed them to be 1.5m. At first I thought I could just take up 30 curtains but then I realised that they weren’t lined and whilst thats okay in the summer as winter arrives the heat will easily pass through them. So I decided it would be better to double them up. I did a prototype and that seemed to work so I had my first commission.

Using my new sewing machine, which was very different to the one I use in the UK (and not as good) I started the task.

Lots of help from my new friend Ximena made the project fun. I really couldn’t have done it without her humour, handwork and support. The photos below show the tasks and the end result is that people are now happy with their new curtains!. I cant show a photo of them in situ but I’m told they look okay. Who’d of guessed that I could do that then?

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