Yesterday one of our colleagues received some terrible news which meant he had to return to the UK. The normal means of transport is what we call the ‘airbridge’ and its a flight which goes directly to the UK. His call came just 2 hours after the flight left on its homeward journey. He needed to get back so the only alternative is a 50 hour flight via Chile, Brazil, Germany and then eventually he will arrive in the UK sometime Monday evening. His wife and young child need him and so we all worked hard to get him on his way.

At times like this you realise how isolated are the Falkland Islands. For years they struggled here to make a living and to keep a community growing. It must have been very difficult for people but they survived and the community is now flourishing. So glad to be a part of this wonderful community in this most amazing part of the world but hoping I don’t ever have to make the same dash as our colleague. Hoping for all connections to work for his journey home. getting home

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