New Arrivals

Last week I returned to the islands for the third time. I was excited to rejoining my husband and the flight was quiet so I had four seats to sleep across.

In Cape Verde, which is our new refuelling point, I met a Falkland Island newbie. Sarah and her husband left three daughters and village life in the UK for a new home in the Falklands. She is an amazing woman, beautiful and warm and you just know her girls will be lovely and that they will miss their mum. As the flight was called we rushed to agree a date to meet up in Stanley at the local, very chic, Waterfront restaurant.

I should note here that the stop in Cape Verde was excellent. The airport is beautiful and we got to spend time either inside or outside in the courtyard. We arrived at about 3am and stayed until 5am. A fresh breeze and the sunrise were welcome distractions from the long flight. The environment encourages you to chat to people and I had a great conversation with two guys from the British Antarctic Survey team who were visiting the islands to do work on the radar system. We had a brief chat about the Horizon programme which featured one of the Antarctic ice stations. Then time to chat to a colleague of Johns before meeting Sarah. the two hour stop is really good before we face the 10.5 hour leg to Mount Pleasant.

Life here takes some getting used to and I am pleased to say that I love it. Each time I leave the ties that pull me back get stronger

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