Mono quilt


I’ve been working on a new quilt which uses fabrics from the Falkland Islands, Japan, San Francisco and the wonderful Tikki in Kew. Some of the fabrics turned out to be more stretchy than expected so its been harder than anticipated to create the new pattern I learnt from Wendy’s workshop. I now have to decide how to arrange the squares to best show the fabrics and what to use to bind or surround the patchwork. I’d thought about using a colour such as red or purple for the surround, but a close friend suggested I stick with the monotone palette. I hope to finish this quilt tomorrow so will post an update then.

2 thoughts on “Mono quilt”

  1. Rita
    I have so enjoyed your blog .Looking forward to following it.
    Keep warm!
    Ps. Did the card arrive? It caused some interest in the bundeena post office


    1. Thanks Jim, it did arrive and I love it. I assume you read the stuff on the back of the card and it couldn’t have been more apposite. Will be posting later today and all comments welcome. Living in the Falkland Islands is certainly interesting. You can send me a card anytime as loved opening the box to find mail. Thanks and speak soon. Rita


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