My guilty secret

Since a child I’ve held a guilty secret. I was warned that nothing good would come of it. That I would waste my life and life would pass me by if I did it. I used to hide in a shed in my garden to do it. Sometimes I’d take torch to bed to do it so no-one would know I was at it. My first time was a magical experience, the second was an adventure and the third … who knows by then I was hooked. When I lived in Paris I was so lonely I spent all my spare time – at it. When I started work it became weekends only. As my life became busier I would binge on holidays and never engage in it outside of those precious weeks. Now I’m somewhere I could do it all day long. No one would know. However, I still have that terrible feeling of guilt.

So my question? Is reading a book for pleasure pure idleness?


6 thoughts on “My guilty secret”

  1. I’m afraid I have very little time to read these days, what with two children and now a dog to run around with, and after, although that’s a very easy decision to make, and a sacrifice I’m extremely happy with. I do remember some of the books I read at school though, and extremely fondly…. The Catcher In The Rye, A Happy Death, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, not to mention A Midsummer Night’s Dream and going to watch an open air performance in London too. Happy memories!

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    1. I like Catcher in the Rye, 1984 and Animal Farm (which I didn’t really understand). I also liked Down and Out in Paris and London and I read that in 1978 when I lived in Paris – a lifetime ago. As time is moving quite quickly here I need to get a move on if I am to read all of the books I brought with me. I have the Harper Lee book. 15 James Patterson books, 20 Agatha Raison stories and numerous other books I picked up in the charity shop. I have stopped buying and bringing books to the island for the duration. Got to get reading later today have been poor at getting into it and I don’t have your busy life;-) thanks for commenting keep them coming.


  2. To the question posed, the answer is No no no no! Reading is never an idle pursuit. It helps to exercise the muscle of the mind, expands our consciousness, challenges our paradigms and provides a unique source of pleasure. Long may it be possible! Jim

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  3. Reading a book is never idleness. There’s so much adventure in them. I love to do it all day, and if it’s especially gripping, all night too. Enjoy it while you can. Fxx

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  4. I feel the same Rita. I love reading, but somehow it feels like I should be doing the other hundred things on my to do list. I long for the time when I can just lie on the sofa/beach/bed and read endlessly without those guilty feelings. I say, make the most of your time on the Falkland Islands and read everything you want to!

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    1. Well you do look rather busy at the moment with all thats happening at yours. I can manage to make hoovering the same piece of carpet a higher priority than picking up a book. Going to give it a go later today though. Thank you for taking time to visit and comment on my blog. Lovely to hear from you. Xx


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