On becoming a penguin

Today I looked at photos taken on Saturday. I found this one of me checking out the ice to see how strong it was. Very is the answer. It could withstand my weight and thats not light.

My fall has meant limited outside adventures and lots of elevating my limb on the sofa. So a chance to walk out by Gypsy Cove was irresistible. Unfortunately it was very icy and, as could probably have been predicted, I nearly fell. So I decided to explore off track terrain a little.

John took this photo and its supposed to show how strong the ice is but instead I can’t help but notice that I look a little like a very large penguin! Perhaps thats what happens when you live somewhere like this.

This is what Wikipedia says about a penguin.

The penguin’s body is adapted for swimming. Its body is fusiform (tapered at both ends) and streamlined. A penguin has a large head, short neck, and elongated body. The legs and webbed feet are set far back on the body, which gives penguins their upright posture on land.

Im not sure that I could be called streamlined but I am fusiformed!

Another characteristic of the penguin is to hunker down in a burrow with one true love. I leave you with that thought!

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