F Troop helped me unpack

On my first day in the Falklands I decided to unpack boxes, tidy the house and move things so it felt more like our home than a rented house. As I was on my own and the weather was pretty awful I decided to turn on the TV and run it in the background. It was a bit like having some friends in the corner of the room keeping me company. So, imagine my joy when I happened upon a channel serving programmes from my childhood; without shame I can admit that I unpacked to F Troop. One of my dad’s favourites and its just about as silly as it is engaging.

Since then I haven’t needed the TV for company because I have an office and a craft room and  lots of work and creating to do. However,  in the evening when surfing channels with the remote, I can’t help but notice that there are some amazing offerings. I wonder if you remember any of these? UFO, A Team, Hogans Heroes, Get Smart, Airwolf, Gomer Pyle, Get Some In.  Its raining again today so maybe I’ll take a look.

F troop 2

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