Festival of quilts-2017

Go to the festival of quilts my Falkland islander friend suggested, and obediently I did. It’s a strange feeling being in a queue with many Boden clad women all vying for a space just a little ahead of me. It seems there is something that happens to women of a certain age, they turn into honey monsters when there is a queue or if you just happen to stand in a place they want to photograph, or basically if you breathe anywhere near them. I understand, Ive had those days when I was starting to learn to assert myself, starting to feel the fear of saying what I think and Don’t let anyone stand in your way moments. Now through the other side I feel quite confident that my boundaries are intact so I no longer feel the need to assert. This bunch might challenge my resolve though. What is it about a few squares of fabric sewn together that turns us into shrews. I’ve got to do my shopping now before I find bolts ripped out of my hands or worse I am tackled to the ground for a bolt end. I love the quilts and its worth navigating everything just to see some amazing work. Look at the stuff below.


A few bits of fabric sewn together creates works of art.

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