Adult colouring

Yesterday someone told me that they would like to ‘colour me in’. I think they were referring to the mono top I was wearing, but, its an intriguing concept. If you were to colour someone in, how would you do it and what would you do? What colours would you use for them, soft autumnal watercolour or harsher peak summer acrylic?

Think about it for a moment, who would you like to colour in and what would you do?

Back to adult colouring, which by the way, isn’t on my f**k list.

A few years ago someone bought the Enchanted Garden adult colouring book for Christmas. The pencils were good quality and I loved adding stationary to my stash but the book sat there looking unloved and unused for about a year.

Then one day, in a conversation with a much loved friend I tore the book in half. My friend was surprised, but something in that conversation gave me the permission I felt I needed to tear it. Later  we retrieved the two halves as she felt the act of colouring didn’t depend on the picture being complete. She finally admitted that she loved to colour.

So here we have the nub, its a marmite activity.

Living in such a remote location I thought there might be little to do here and that I could get on with things I had procrastinated about before. Some people complain that living here is boring and there’s nothing to do. I wonder if they would benefit from a copy of the Secret Garden or the Enchanted Forest? For me, there’s always lots to do: watching  penguins waddle; searching the shoreline for signs of dolphins feeding in the kelp; learning some new skill such as weaving or just hanging out with amazing people.

Since starting to write this morning I’ve had coffee and a conversation with two truly engaging women. They help people of all ages colour and they do it in service of tranquility.  Research on colouring isn’t conclusive. Many people report that when they colour they feel better, less stressed or depressed and more creative. I feel sure that its like any active meditation, it helps you to focus and that’s good for mental health.

So, should I struggle with the things that are on my to do list, I could always return to it. In the meantime, I will reflect on the idea of one person colouring in another 😉


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