Autumn arriving?

I’ve been sewing most of the day and at 19.30 I turned a light on to cut fabric. Thats the first time in several months that I’ve needed the lamp. Everyone tells me this has been a great summer and unusually warm and sunny. I am now very glad that I invested in two deck chairs at the beginning of summer. At the time, I wondered if I would be jinxing the summer but I have been out most days even if only for a few minutes. The sun has been a godsend to me on days when I feel alone. Reading in strong sunlight, feeling the heat on my skin and being able to go outside without needing two or three layers has been a joy. Soon I will leave the islands and head north to the Spring. I hear its cold in London but I see that many friends are posting photos of strong sunlit days. I look forward to catching up with people, sorting my garden and welcoming the summer again but at a different latitude.


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