Friends, friends, friends

A couple of weeks ago,  I was deeply moved that I would soon again see another one of my friends from the Falkland Islands. Since returning I’ve been lucky enough to meet with three chays who are taking northern hemisphere holidays. (you may remember that Chay is the word used for friend in the islands). The three people I met are shy and wouldn’t want me to write too much about them. Needless to say they are very special and I feel lucky to have met them. One loves horses, another loves music and the third loves to knit. The woman I was soon to meet loves the colour blue and many more things.

One friend, who I hope to meet up with again soon, will probably not mind my writing about her and she would be a good act to follow if you want to enjoy your time on the islands.

Shannon left the islands after a two year posting with the lovely Rob. I learnt a little about Army life from them and a lot about having fun. Rob is one of life’s treasures. He is kind and will do almost anything to help others and frequently does. Shannon is a force of nature, bubbly and possibly even little wild. She will try most things, including swimming in the freezing waters of the South Atlantic, to raise money for charity. Shannon is one of life’s people who shows up! Living in the Falkland Islands can be difficult if you are used to a busy schedule and Shannon made good use of her time to learn to felt, knit, crochet. Best of all she learnt to paint and produces the most amazing watercolours. She also learnt how to run a cub and scout group. She is formidable; we don’t agree on everything but in a democracy disagreement doesn’t make you disagreeable!

Some of the things I found inspiring included: ability to say yes to any adventure; ability to connect with an array of people and to engage in conversations on diverse subjects; ability to have fun; ability to engage in the protocols and rituals of island life; determination to see as much as possible of the islands and interest in all aspects of island living.

I miss my friends from the islands and the adventure of living in the Falklands, but I love London and reconnecting with people here. Next challenge is to find a way to be in both places at the same time!

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