I met with a friend today and we got to talking about writing. I mentioned that I hadn’t written anything for my novel since August 2018. I explained that I had decided I needed to read more, to help with my writing. What I later realised was August was also when I wrote my last blog. That came as a bit of a shock. In our conversation I realised that since I left the Falkland Islands I didn’t really know what the purpose of this blog would be. Today I decided to keep it going. Its my blog of my personal journey and I will be posting more stuff about where that journey takes me.

When it was suggested that if I wanted to write well I needed to read more I guess something happened to the writing bit of the equation.  If you see my earlier blog about the guilt I feel when I spend time reading then you know its been a big ask.

Last year I set a mad goal of reading 60 books by June of this year. I am only 15 books into the challenge, so I still have a way to go. My strategy for selecting books is a mix of going into  a shop and asking for recommendations; pick up an interesting looking thin book in a charity shop or the cheapest and best option is to pick one from my shelves of unread books.

My top five reads so far?

Airforce One is Down John Dennis. – found in a thrift store on Vancouver island

Home Fires Kamila Shamsie – given to me by a good friend

An Unfortunate Woman Richard Brautigan – again given to me by a lovely friend

Summer Crossing Truman Capote – I don’t know it was on the shelf

and my absolute most favourite is The Presidents Hat by Antione Laurain – which was recommended in an independent book shop in Richmond.


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