The ‘Fucklist’

A few years ago I read a book which changed the way I think. Now when asked to do something I can refer to my list to see if it chimes with it. If not, it goes into either the maybe bin or the I really don’t give a fuck bin!

My Fucklist consists of a few key things that matter to me:

  • Time with friends and family – who really care about me
  • Love – kindness – warmth and generosity
  • Theatre – concerts – music – reading
  • Creativity – learning – travel and adventure
  • Conversations that stretch and challenge and make my soul whole
  • Textile – fabrics – clothing – aesthetics – I like things around me to be beautiful and functional
  • Helping others achieve their goals and be the best they can
  • Fairness – integrity – honesty
  • Organisations who care about people and nurture them
  • Working in teams with people who care about their work and want to do their best
  • Good leadership skills – this is so hard to find but I really feel passionately that it is essential right now in these complex and uncertain times
  • and, finally I really give a fuck about having politicians who do a good job!


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