A ‘Me’ Day

If I was going to plan a Me day then I might start with today but only one of the things I hoped to achieve is actually happening. Being here in FreeWord with Yen was at risk but luckily common sense prevailed.

The things that didn’t happen?

Time with Paul in the gym doing a serious workout, reading in bed for an hour with a cup of tea and no interruptions, tidying my office and filing some paperwork so I get the curated look I aspire to achieve and love when it happens.

So, what got in the way?

Well, its hard to talk about and I doubt that I need to go into too much detail but lets just call it dealing with control freakery! and I am not even talking about me here. Sometimes people don’t know how to lead, think people management and leadership skills are easy but can’t delegate or let go of things. They control the minutiae while the big stuff is just not being delivered. When you are on the receiving end of it, well, its exhausting, time consuming and debilitating.

Own up!

Now, I have to admit I have strong control reactions myself and in order to run a business I learnt to curb my enthusiasm to do everything. It can be hard to let others take the lead but I’ve found that it has tremendous payoffs in the long run. Today’s exchanges triggered an emotional response in me and it took a lot of work to finally focus on the bigger picture. The triggers are the same ones that have been playing out for me for the past 40 years. I care about people and I want to do the best for them. I want them to be happy and engaged and to achieve success. I value fairness, honesty and team work and I like to collaborate. I love challenge and solving difficult problems and a day which involves some creativity is a great one for me.

So, how did I finally end up on a train to see Yen and not doing ‘stuff’?

Luckily, three words that changed my life when I met my husband came back to me ‘let it go’. The journey to my meeting was peppered by people watching and reading part of the novel I missed out on earlier.

What was the outcome of some ‘Me’ time?

After posting this I will be focusing on what I need to do to get the first draft of my first novel ready by close of play 22nd June 2019.

Watch this space!

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