Books that changed my life

Writers read a lot and, as you may remember, I feel guilty about reading when I could (read should there) be doing something, anything else thats more like real work. Things such as tidying or cleaning. I find that there is always stuff that needs tidying or reordering and the garden always seems to need  work,  so I could be busy 24/7 with real work.

I now force myself to read because as an author I have to – its part of my new job!

Today I am wondering about books that have an impact on people’s lives…

I wonder what book spoke into your life or what book helped you to do or achieve something?

For me there are a few special books and, a bit like buses, they tend to come in twos or threes but only come along every decade. So, here goes:

The Lion Witch and Wardrobe possibly the first book I read that seemed to share my imagination. I have always been a daydreamer and  this book showed me into the mind of another daydreamer.

Island of the blue dolphins not sure if this came before the Lion… but it inspired me to want to visit far flung places where I could see dolphins. It started a love of the sea that haunts me any day I spend away from water.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull – made me love words – made me want to learn to fly or more accurately to glide.

Superwoman – Shirley Conrans book which made me feel I should aim to have it all

The life changing art of not giving a fuck this book helped me to prioritise and its part of the reason I decided to go to the Falkland Islands and  to take  a sabbatical. Its also the book that helped me to navigate some of the difficult people I met whilst away. Everyone needs to have a fuck list!


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