Decisions decisions

Last year I rather hastily ripped out a bathroom. When my husband returned from the Falklands he was pretty shocked to see we had a bare room where once a pretty mediocre but functional bathroom had lived happily for 14 years.

Finally we got going last year and thats when the decision making began.

I’ll start with the cost: One dark Saturday morning in January we go to the bathroom shop. I ask how much a particular suite might cost, they respond by asking me what my budget is.  I have no idea! I tell the keen salesman that I remember doing a bathroom once for £1500. His smile disappears, he thinks I’m joking, he waits for me to laugh but I don’t and he seems to be a little lost. Not for long though,  he quickly tells me that I should prepare myself for a budget of 10 times that amount! No chance mate!  I then spend the next few months looking for a cheaper alternative and wishing I hadn’t been quite so impulsive in stripping the bathroom in the first place.

Multiple decisions are needed to buy a bathroom. Days and weeks seem to pass as I Google and meet bathroom sales people.  This is time I will never get back and its time I can honestly say I hope never to spend in that way again!and days spent agonising 

However, the good news is that I met a wonderful sales guy called Aaron and he made things simple and my budget was blown but still the total was nearer to my figure than salesman no 1. As the project nears completion I am grateful for a wonderful builder who, with his son, can do everything needed on this project.

You may wonder why my bathroom appears in my blog and I guess this is massively indulgent, as it is a way for me to think through my fuck list.

Time spent refitting bathrooms is off it!


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