Ana: A Short Story

Ana checks her phone one last time. No texts or messages on Whatsapp. The bath, nearly full, looks peaceful. Ana drops her towel on the floor and dips her left big toe, before sinking her whole foot into the water. It is hotter than she expected but it didn’t really matter any more. She watches as her feet turn light pink, as she steps in. Slowly, she bends her knees and lowers herself. She takes pride in the fact that she can balance and doesn’t need to hold onto anything until the very last minute.  

‘No one is coming,’ Ana is talking to the taps.

‘No one is coming,’ she shouts.

‘No one is coming!’ she screams at the soap.

Her hair and body washed, she lies back to look at the ceiling. She threatens it so often, but will she have the courage today? She gets out of the bath and dries her body and wraps her hair in a towel. She puts on a white dress and combs her hair. The white seems to glow against her dark skin. Her black hair falls to her shoulders. After applying a pink lipstick and no other makeup, she lies on the bed she shares with her lover. Slowly, she opens the top drawer of her bedside cabinet and takes out a knife.

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