The Third Age

  1. Turning 60 is a joy
  2. Turning 60 is a terror
  3. Hurrah I get a bus pass
  4. and, I get free prescriptions
  5. My hair turns grey
  6. Lines appear around my mouth, eyes, arms…
  7. One more ripple of fat
  8. Fungal infections – no one warned me about fungal infections
  9. I feel sleepy
  10. I want to watch even more Murder she Wrote
  11. I go to the gym because I am terrified not to
  12. I don’t care if I fart in public
  13. I get scared about retiring
  14. I can’t drink much anymore
  15. I can’t eat anything anymore
  16. I have lots of energy in the morning
  17. I am wiped out in the evening
  18. I want to read more
  19. TV is no longer fun, interesting or engaging – except for Columbo or MsW
  20. I get scared when I think about the future
  21. I get even more scared when I think about the past
  22. I have moments where I wish I could do it all again
  23. I have moments when I wish Dignitas was allowed in the UK
  24. I fear that I may not see some people again
  25. I don’t have the energy to go see them
  26. I want to write but I hear my internal critic saying ‘its too late’
  27. I wonder if its too late to have an affair
  28. I wonder if my husband wonders if its too late to have an affair
  29. I am scared that my husband will go first
  30. I am scared that I will go first
  31. I wonder if there is a God
  32. I hope there is a God
  33. I wonder who to leave my money to
  34. What should I do with my jewellery, home, stuff
  35. Will the executors of my will read my diaries?
  36. Will they laugh or will they be angry?
  37. Will they find me in bed dead?
  38. Will I ever have fun again?
  39. Will I ever dance until midnight or later again?
  40. Will I have fun again
  41. I love my friends and I want to keep everything just as it is right now
  42. I want to write a book or three
  43. I want to write articles and have them published
  44. I want to make beautiful quilts and things out of fabric, paper and stuff
  45. I want colour in my home, clothes and life
  46. I want to see as much theatre as possible
  47. I want to be a good friend, wife, sister, aunt and great aunt
  48. I wish my nieces and nephews were more engaged in my life
  49. I am scared they don’t care about us
  50. I am scared that maybe I don’t care about them as I used to
  51. I wonder if I will ever see the Falkland Islands again
  52. I will make sure I see some of my friends from the Falklands again
  53. I wonder if I will travel to some of the places that inspire me and I’ve never visited
  54. I would like to be slim – just for a day
  55. Not giving a fuck about the small things is easier
  56. Caring and doing something about the big things really matters
  57. Having friends in our lives who really care about us is the only gift we need
  58. I am surprised how easily I slip into the role of carer
  59. I am more surprised by how easily my lovely, kind, beautiful husband allows it
  60. Maybe I think too much!Is 60 end of something or is it just the beginning? 


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