Einstein on my mind


This quote has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I’ve used it in a workshop and I am using it in a document I am writing, but it means more than just a catch phrase to me.

I have been wondering if I am just doing the same thing again and again and hoping for different results. Well, last week I was exhausted and I decided to stop being driven by my alarm. I got up when I woke up! It wasn’t a great success as I missed one appointment and even though they say sleep is great for losing weight I haven’t moved the dial on the scales, but I do feel better in myself.

My energy returned on Sunday. It was like a light switch turning on, so I set out to make some changes to a room. Now I have a minor injury from an over exuberant Sunday of dismantling and  moving furniture around at home.  I love the changes I made which now make me smile every time I enter.

So whilst I am still doing much of what I have always done, slowly, I am challenging myself to change the ‘same old’.

And, I am finally writing, so that’s different to what I usually do which is just to think about writing!

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