Watercolour joy

‘I can’t draw!’ Its something I say all the time.

I want to draw and am inspired by drawings. My work would be enhanced by my ability to draw; for example, I would like to illustrate one of my management books. My hobbies would be simpler if I could draw patterns for quilting or sewing and I would like to draw Christmas cards or notelets.

I was ejected from art class at school when I was about 11. I don’t remember being naughty I was just incapable of drawing or painting and that was enough to have me thrown out for ever!

Not long ago, I started a cartooning course which clearly said ‘no experience necessary’ but after two submissions I was thrown out because I couldn’t draw! Of course I couldn’t draw, I never could and the course requirements didn’t say that you needed to be able to draw. Frustration overflowed and my cartooning career stopped before it started.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first watercolour course with an amazing tutor. It was hard going for the first hour or so; she made us draw the same thing four times, once with my right hand, once standing, once with my left hand and once drawing the item upside down. As we worked through the exercises I was rehearsing how to tell the tutor I wanted to leave the workshop. I wanted to give in and repeat my mantra of: ‘I can’t draw.’

As I looked at my drawings I realised that my best result was achieved by drawing with the wrong hand. I tried it again and then again and later the tutor introduced us to the paints and we only used two colours and as I was painting something in me clicked. It was like a switch clicking in my heart and I wanted to stay and see it through. I can’t really explain the emotion in words,

I made a decision to  commit to finishing the day: however bad things got; some of it was pretty bad!

So, what did I manage to achieve?



So, I am learning to draw, I am not good but if I use the ‘wrong’ hand I can draw and it seems that I may even be able to paint!


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