Seven months

So, on Friday it was seven months since Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown.

Seven months of fear, isolation and uncertainty.

Seven months of shopping for essentials, as if conducting a procurement exercise.

Seven months of trying to avoid people, as I walk along the tow path.

Seven months of reading books, as if it were my new work.

Seven months of worrying about friends and family.

Seven months of self dying and cutting my hair, which I am told looks okay!

Seven months of learning via zoom, teams, google classroom and Webex.

Seven months of limited work reaffirms how much I love working and engaging with others.

Seven months of making new friends, in virtual spaces, who I may never meet in person.

Seven months of learning to live in very close proximity with my lovely husband.

Seven months of spending time in my garden, my new vacation spot.

Seven months of obsessively watching the news, BBC, Sky where they repeat the same inward looking stories all day long.

Seven months of watching Aljazeera, to find out what is going on in other countries around the world.

Seven months of limited impulse buying on a Saturday morning.

Seven months of Amazon, Hermes and DPD deliveries, so many, I now know some of the driver’s family stories.

Seven months of fretting every time I cough, sneeze, feel bunged up.

Seven months of hoping for a vaccine, which may mean I can travel again.

Just to be clear we are the lucky ones!

So, today I am thinking of people across the country, across the world who are not so lucky. Thinking of people who are being pushed to the edge. Wondering what I could do to help make things a little better for at least one person.


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