IWD, what does it mean for you?

Surely we don’t need a day to celebrate womanhood! International Women’s Day started in 1908 when 15000 women marched through New York City with several demands which you can read about here. The history is important as are the events that take place over the next week or so to mark IWD. Check out events on this IWD website. Anyone who is still in doubt about whether we need an IWD may want to check out the quote below, from their website

Do we still need an International Women’s Day?

Yes! There’s no place for complacency. According to the World Economic Forum, sadly none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children. Gender parity will not be attained for almost a century. 

There’s urgent work to do – and we can all play a part.

This year the IWD theme is #ChoosetoChallenge. I choose to challenge myself, to ask myself am I doing enough to help women move forward in their chosen careers. I choose to challenge myself to coach and support more women on their career journey. I also choose to challenge lazy journalism. Journalism that features women doing great stuff but then talks about their love life or their size rather than focusing on what those women achieve, do or how they contribute to making the world a better place!

Choosing to challenge is difficult, painful and can be costly. Whether you approve of the interview or not, Megan is Choosing to Challenge and it is clearly painful. Choosing to Challenge can result in you losing family, losing a job, a friend, a partner or your income!

I intend to celebrate IWD and I hope you will too. Today, I will be working with two unique groups of people. Zoom enables my life and work to continue through lockdown, and now my world is expanded to include people from hard to reach places across the globe. I will be thinking about the women, and men, who inspire, support and engage me. If you read this blog, then the chances are that you are one of the people who enriches my life.

What do you #Choosetochallenge?

Images from IWD website – two people choosing to challenge!

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