I don’t believe it!

It is just over seven months since my last post. Where has the time gone? Just over two years since the first lockdown when life, as I knew it, changed dramatically. I hope that I spent the Lockdowns well by learning new skills, meeting new people albeit online, and NOT putting on any extra weight.

I realise that certain things did not go so well for me. Things like my core strength training went out the window. I used a bike for exercise, but I didn’t get down on the floor to do some of the essential exercises I could have been doing. I see it as a missed opportunity, but I know it is important not to dwell on it too much or I will get angry with myself..

Zoom became an intrinsic part of my life and every time I attended a meeting I brushed my hair, applied lipstick and sprayed perfume, yes really. My husband regularly pointed out that no one cares and no one can smell it. He misses the point completely, its about how I feel when I sit down to engage with others. I noticed that people often gave updates on how our hair regimes were surviving lockdown. I taught myself how to dye and cut my own hair and, with a little bit of help from my husband, I even managed to do the back of the head. You can judge how successful or otherwise I’ve been in the photos below.

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