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Ritasroving started as a blog about the journey my husband and I would make to live in the Falkland Islands in 2017. It turned out that we stayed double the time and I returned to the the UK in March 2018. Now back in London, I hesitated about continuing with this site but after chatting it through with a friend I decided that I still want to keep the blog.

This blog is now where I experiment with my writing.

The nature of what I am writing about has changed and its quite hard to put my purpose into words, but here goes. I have just entered what is commonly called the third stage of life. The reality of my age is scary because I still see myself as a youngster with loads of time to do the things I have promised myself.  The reality is that I possibly have about 20 years – if I am very lucky!

I will practice different writing styles and approaches, some factual, some fiction and some memoire.  It is also a place for me to share progress on various projects and goals. I hope anyone who reads it will share their experiences back with me.